Record time: 11,25 s to ride up to a height of 50 feet

  • What is the SkyBIKE

    The SkyBIKE is a swiss invention/developpment. The aim is to combine a sportive activity with an indescribable feeling of being the highest biker of the world!

  • What's so great about the SkyBIKE

    The world is yours! At the height of 50 feet you enjoy a magnificent view over the top! As well as that you can have fun with a group of spontaneous participants who dare to enter the cycling competition.

    Great mood with the SkyBIKE until deep into the

  • SkyBIKE with publicity surface
  • Why the SkyBIKE

    The SkyBIKEis the unique three dimensional attraction. Your advertisement on the high pole is seen from a great distance and attracts crowds of people. While cycling upwards the biker experiences encouragement and strength from the spectators around him.


  • How does the SkyBIKE work
  • The SkyBIKE is easily brought on a trailer. It can be put in level and set up automatically on nearly every flat ground. It may be kept running by one person, for best performance it nees a second helper to change the belts. The SkyBIKE has everything it needs for a great time: music (50 W), wireless microphones and spot lights (2000 W) are available to allow an optimal entertainment - The whole night through! The SkyBIKE on the trailer

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  • With the SkyBIKE you have the best feeling you've ever had. In 1996 we brought the SkyBIKE successfully into action. Best referencies from Lausanne - Bern - Basel - Zürich - Chur - St.Moritz
    and Lugano testify from our exciting idea. (Already some times installed, the SkyBIKE is the highest publicity on your party.)


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